Conference Presentations

2012 No-Dig Conference - November 8, 2012

 City of Casper, WY Phase II North Platte Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Analysis by Kile Snider (CH2M Hill)
 Assets in the Dirt by Andrew Pinello (Colorado Springs Utilities)
 Fort Collins Utilities Asset Management Program by Chris Parton (City of Fort Collins)
 900 Ft. Microtunnel Under Interstate 70 by Nate Soule (Brierley Associates)
 Fountain Valley Authority 16-inch Security Lateral Replacement by Joel Spencer (Dewberry, Inc.) and Robert Meadows (Global Underground, Inc.)
 Fifty Feet of Peat: Design Challenges of Three HDD Crossings of the Sacramento River by Matthew Wallin (Bennett Trenchless Engineers)

 St. John's Tunnel Rehabilitation for Colorado Springs Utilities by Christopher P. Russell (Shannon & Wilson, Inc.)

 Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Rehabilitation Using Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) by Ronald Degenhart (Aurora Water Capital Projects Division)
 Rehabilitation Techniques for Culverts in Remote and Environmentally Sensitive Areas by Tom Roberts (Parsons Brinkerhoff)
 Pipebursting Technology for Sanitary Sewer by Dave Holcomb ( TT Technologies)
 North College Westside Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project by Dean Saye (City of Fort Collins) and Tanner Randall (Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.)
 Unconventional Subsurface Investigation Methods for Soil Tunnel/Trenchless Projects by Tracy Lyman (Brierley Associates)


2011 No-Dig Conference - October 7, 2011

 Tunneling - An Owner's Perspective by Swirvine Nyirenda (Aurora Capital Projects Division)
 Asset Management Program With Regards To Selection and Prioritization of Mains for Main Rehabilitation and Main Replacement by Alan Crouch (Denver Water) and Peter Kraft (Denver Water).
 Successfully Developing and Managing Wastewater Pipeline/ Manhole Condition Assessment & Rehabilitation Programs – Focus On Trenchless Methods, Presented From a Municipal Perspective by Jeff Maier (MWRD)
 Pioneering Mud Recovery System Successfully Controls Frac Outs by Ron Halderman (Mears Group, Inc.)
 Alternative Project Delivery for Fort Collins Utilities by Owen Randal (Fort Collins Utilities)
 New Advancement in Construction Techniques for Trenchless Projects by Jim Kabat (Michels Construction)

 Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation Quality Assurance by Jim Potter (City and County of Denver) and Andrew Pinello (Colorado Springs Utilities)

 Structural Potable Water Pipe Rehabilitation by Matt Wassam (SAK Construction)
 Large Diameter Pipe Inspection - MWRD Sand Creek Interceptor by Stuart Bowns (Hydromax USA)
 Field Evaluations On Accuracy Of Photogrammetric Methods For Trenchless Construction by Jason Luek (Arizona State University)
 Installation of a Direct Steel Outfall Line Crossing of I-76 by Microtunnel Method by Nate Soule (Lyman Henn, a division of Brierley Associates) and Brendan Tippets (BTrenchless)
 Tollgate Creek South Project Microtunneling by Christian Baumgart & Martin Sanders (Western Summit Constructors)


2010 No-Dig Conference - October 22, 2010

 City of Casper, WY: North Platte Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Condition Assessment Study by Mark G. Wade (CH2M Hill)
 Horizontal Directional Drilling through an Existing Landfill & Course Alluvium in Glendale, Colorado by Tracy Lyman and Rebecca Brock (Lyman Henn)
 Implementation of an Asset Management Program at Colorado Springs Utilities by David Totman (Colorado Springs Utilities)
 Platte River Interceptor Slipline Rehabilitation by Tom Furie (Hobas Pipe, USA)
 Potable Water Pipe Rehabilitation with Static Pipe Bursting Methodology by Dave Holcombe (TT Technologies) and Bo Botteicher (Underground Solutions, Inc.)
 The Aging Infrastructure Needs and Challenges by G. Baird (Aging Water Infrastructures LLC)

 The End of an Era -Loveland Utilizes Innovative Sliplining Technique to Retire their last Wood Stave Water Transmission Line by Ken Matthews (Stantec Consulting Services)

 The Technology of Pilot Tube Microtunneling by David Gill (Mission Clay Products)
 The Sewer Rehabilitation of Denver Federal Center and the Utilization of Trenchless Technologies by C. Larson (C&L Water Solutions)
 Trenchless Applications for the Prairie Waters Project by B. Tippets (BTrenchless)
 Trenchless Crossing of the Intracoastal Waterway: Risk Management in Design by Andrew Lockman ( MWH Americas)
 Utah's First Pilot Tube Microtunneling Project by Jon Nix (Nix Construction)